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Dinesh Dhamija, founder of

Feb 27 2014

One of our first clients is Dinesh Dhamija, who founded

In 1980, Dinesh and his wife Tani opened a travel agency in a kiosk in Earl’s Court station. A decade and a half later he was one of the first people to take a travel agency onto something called ‘the internet,’ and by 2005 was one of the largest online travel agencies in Europe. He sold it in 2005 for $471 million. Along the way he learned a lot, as well as having run-ins with the Nepali government and a young Harvey Goldsmith.

Last Saturday he spoke to young and aspiring entrepreneurs at Sparks 2014, the UK’s largest student organised entrepreneurship conference.

You can find out more about Dinesh here.

Dinesh Dhamija